Final Reflection

“Get er done”- Graeme Henrickson. It doesn’t sound like much of a quote, but personally, it’s the one that really stands out. I used it a lot this semester such as on my blog, at Tigers Den and during my project. I believe it has more meaning to it than you first realize. It’s not […]

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8th Blog

Blog 8 will likely be the last blog of propel. It’s crazy to think there are only a few weeks left of this program that seemingly only started a little while ago. I’ve learned a great deal in the one semester I spent here and am so lucky to have had this chance and be […]

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7th Blog

The past two weeks, there has been lots of talk about our final projects for Propel because we are nearing the last few weeks and need to start grinding out our projects. I volunteered at the Career Symposium and got the opportunity to meet with a lot of very kind and helpful people that told […]

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6th Blog

It’s been a few weeks since the last time I wrote a blog. A lot has happened since then, I recently got a meeting with a mentor who’s created a similar company to mine. He has gone through all the same challenges and steps I will encounter for my company to be successful. Hopefully by […]

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5th Blog

I have conflicting thoughts about spring break. I like having time to see friends and relax, though I prefer seeing my friends at school. Furthermore, I feel as though too much free time is the enemy of productivity. Taking a break in between work periods is necessary and enjoyable but excessive down time feels like […]

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4th Blog

This week  started off with me getting my walking boot off. I can now walk somewhat normally although with a slight limp. I spent all of last weekend preparing for Tiger’s Den. Tiger’s Den is similar to “Dragon’s Den” but for high school students. I am sure you all know of Dragon’s Den. The morning […]

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3rd Blog

  This week my classmates went to the Winnipeg Art Gallery. I was supposed to go with them but I had an appointment scheduled to remove the cast on my leg. It turns out that my broken bone healed on an angle. As a result I sat in a waiting room all day waiting to […]

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